Audi Does It Again: A Review of The 2018 Audi TT RS

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The new Audi TT RS takes things back 33 years, yet propels the brand straight into 2018 at the same time.This new model takes inspiration from the Audi Sport Quattro of 1984, with its five-cylinder 2.5-liter TFSI engine.

Using the undoubtable trademark Audi lines and signature curves, this model has kept true to the vintage sports car it’s based on, yet is plumped by contemporary intricacies here and there.

In short, Audi has done it again and knocked this car out of the park.

It’s in the Look

The Audi TT RS might be based on a three-decade-old model but there’s nothing old-fashioned about it.

The model makes sure to continually reference its German background and, on the outside, it’s very much been injected with 21st-century accents, with large oval tailpipe outlets that are one of the RS range’s style staples.

The vehicle overall is a constant nod to its roots, and does so cleverly, overlapping heritage with forward thinking.

Fall Under the Hex

This car is sleek with its sharp sidelines and sensuous corner bodywork and retains a hexagonal theme consistently throughout. From its front grille, to the display panel on the dash, to the inner workings of the engine, there isn’t a scrap of the Audi TT RS that scrimps on stylistic detailing.

The hexagon theme is even continued in the depths of the car’s innards, with a honeycomb style grille in not one but three portions of the front bumper.

The car is beguiling, drawing the eye instantly with its stunning frame and slick body. The onlooker will double-take at its intricacies–the headlights, the extra grilles, the wing mirrors–and almost forget to look beyond the dark glass that arches over the top of it.

Vital Statistics

The Audi TT RS produces 160 H.P. per liter, which results in a total output of 400 hp. The car accelerates from 0-60 mph in only 3.6 seconds which makes it quicker than its predecessor.

Again, these features pull together the vintage and the new, boastfully paying homage to its predecessor while allowing it to evolve at the same time.

The engine comes standard with RS magnetic ride, which uses a synthetic blend of oils that contain tiny magnetic particles to create a magnetic field within the shock absorber.

And if it’s not sporty enough for you as it is, the available RS fixed suspension offers a sportier feel (which is an optional added extra).

Traction Action

The car uses a permanent Quattro all-wheel drive with no set torque distribution which adjusts and fine-tunes to help maximize grip and overall control.

This sends a huge amount of power to the rear wheels, leaving the driver in full control in the cockpit.

The cockpit itself is 100% digital and boasts a 12.3-inch instrument display that allows the driver to personalize the information that they see before them.

The audio and available navigation offer both a Classic and Infotainment setting, again nodding back to the Audi TT RS’ 80s roots.

But there’s a third option up for grabs as well: the Sport mode. This offers up a central tachometer and driving stats for the information of whoever is in control.

These stats include a lap timer, horsepower and torque gauge, G-meter, tire pressures and more.

The Power of Five

2018 Audi TT RS - Engine

Honing in on the engine’s five cylinders has raised eyebrows in contrast to the otherwise symmetrical detailing of this model in the past.

Audi vehicles, and most other makes, generally feature piston chambers that come in groups such as four, six, eight and 10.

The odd number of five is perhaps a little… odd. But, this is all explained when the car is accelerated, making a statement as it screams down whichever road it’s being driven.

The turbocharged five-cylinder is the heart and soul of the TT RS with a sound that will be music to the driver’s ears.

This sound can really be accredited to the vehicle’s 1-2-4-5-3 firing order of the cylinders, which sees the adjacent cylinders and those farther apart alternating to sing like only an Audi can.

Transmission Mission

Following suit with the rest of the TT range, the TT RS is a single transmission car, with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which is smooth and quick shifting.

Moving away from the standard small paddles of sports cars, there is plenty of manual-shifting enjoyment to be had.

In the Driver’s Seat

2018 Audi TT RS - Cockpit

It’s all about you–the driver–when it comes to the new Audi TT RS. The interior is designed so that it enthralls, but also so that it involves and enraptures.

One of the most exciting features, which truly sets this car apart from anything from days gone by, is the OLED rear taillights which offer a visually impressive 3D design.

This 3D idea has also been continued into the cockpit with its three-spoke, flat-bottom multifunction sports steering wheel with integrated satellite buttons and its multi-textured design.

The seats are comfy and the shapely steering wheel means the car can handle less regimented scattered roads with absolute ease.

There’s climate control integrated into the air vents too. Every vent has a knob responsible for a specific setting such as control fan speed, temperature, and mode. Seat heat is controlled via the outside vents.

Improvements on a Classic

When the Audi TT first hit the markets, some weren’t as enthusiastic as others. But the 2018 developments will convince even the pickiest of critics.

One word used repeatedly with regards to the Audi TT RS is “aggressive”.

Its “aggressive stance” or its “aggressive exterior” must not be confused with an off-putting unapproachable vehicle.

The mirrors and the front spitter features aluminum-colored detail and gives the car a meatier persona than past versions, which just makes it cooler.

Cutting Some of the Fat

The newly designed turbo engine is 57 pounds lighter than the old engine, making the car a less weighty ride. This is obviously preferred when it comes to updating what is meant to be a nifty sports car.

The compact engine is less than 20 inches in length adding to the 40 pounds of weight savings.

This is also due to the aluminum engine block and the upper part of the oil pan being made of magnesium.

Fuel economy is EPA rated at 19-city, 29-highway, and 22-combined MPG.

Alluring Aggression

The 400 horsepower gives the car a speedier feel to it than ever before and almost forces the driver to enjoy the luxury of the cockpit when they hit the gas and are pushed back in the driver’s seat, rocketing forward.

If this car’s “aggressive” exterior doesn’t turn heads, the thirsty exhaust surely will, as it roars into action when the car is driven off the line.

There is a quiet mode, but where’s the fun in that?

The car’s overall weight is 3,300 pounds for the U.S. market, but there are added extras that would bump this up a tad.

Some of the Audi TT RS Extras

Some of the additional features include:

  • An option for 14.6-inch ceramic front brakes (14.6-inch steel is standard)
  • 20-inch wheels (19 inches is standard)
  • 255/30R-20 tires (245/35R-19 standard)
  • A sport exhaust with its two large tailpipes
  • An RS fixed sport suspension
  • Carbon fiber engine cover
  • OLED taillights
  • Direct tire pressure monitoring system
  • 174 mph top speed limiter (replacing the standard 155 mph)

Audi and Prestige

The new Audi TT RS starts at $65,875, which is a competitive price tag for a vehicle that accelerates with such gusto on whatever surface you drive it on.

It’s the latest model to be introduced to Audi’s new Sport range, which also includes R and RS models but also extends to customer racing and performance parts.

Prestige Imports is the oldest Audi dealer in the Rocky Mountain Region, dating back to 1984 (the same year as the Audi Sport Quattro) and has achieved the highest rankings for customer satisfaction in both sales and service.

If you’re interested in learning more about Audi’s old and new, contact our friendly and professional team and we will be glad to help.

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