All New Porsche Panamera: HYPE Videos and Promotion

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All New Porsche Panamera - HYPE Videos and Promotion

The Debut of the All New Porsche Panamera

Over the course of the past few weeks, Porsche ratcheted up the old HYPE Machine in order to promote the roll out of the 2017 Panamera. If you haven’t already heard, the German automaker fully overhauled its luxury sedan, reshaping its contours, tricking out the technology, and adding some serious power underneath the hood. Indeed, the engineers and designers at Ingolstadt sought to silence the snark-laden sniveling emanating forth from the face holes of haters who ceaselessly groused about previous incarnations of the Panamera.

Well, if the comments of car bloggers and reviewers posting from the dregs of the Internet are any indication, the German automaker succeeded in its mission. Yes, even the most adamant mud-slingers seem to have been appeased with the upcoming year’s model.

You like videos? We have videos.

As the Panamera’s debut neared, a few teaser videos appeared in Porsche’s YouTube channel. Here’s one of the originals:

The video bills the All New Porsche Panamera as the “fastest luxury sedan on Earth.” That, my friend, is no hyperbole. Not only does the vehicle outpace other models in its class, the newest iteration of the Panamera even bested the Porsche 911 Carrera’s track time at Nürburgring! If that’s not impressive enough, the Turbo and Turbo S versions of this car should crack the 200mph mark. While daily drivers will never experience that type of speed legally, its 0-60 time hovers around 3.4 seconds, which is achievable on the open road. That’s insane. Period.

Of course, the choicest moment in this video occurs at the 00:41 mark. An aerial camera provides an overhead view of four dudes dressed up like astronauts, each opening one of the doors of the vehicle and simultaneously entering the car. It’s pure schlock, but will definitely induce a solid guffaw. That probably wasn’t the intention of the Porsche marketing team; but, I guess, with a whip as baller as this, one can overlook a little promotional snafu.

And then Porsche dropped this gem of a HYPE video on the expectant masses:

Oh my! This bit of marketing scores perfect marks, if you ask me. To begin with, the black-on-black stylizes the Panamera in a completely menacing manner (and I mean that in all the best ways). Having long been considered the abnormally shaped bastard child of the Porsche fleet, this spot goes to great lengths to foster a more edgy aura around the new sedan.

There is the pulsating soundtrack. The alterations in camera speed. The first, full profile shot of the All New Panamera at the 00:25 mark (and, yes, it’s a beautiful vehicle). The updated, digital interfaces in the front and the back. LED ambient lighting in the cabin.

And then. Wait for it. A collapsible, rear spoiler that extends horizontally once it reaches its vertical apex. I mean, when I first saw that feature, I forgot that I was watching a Porsche Panamera HYPE video. Rather, I mistook the video for the trailer to a new Batman film. I just don’t even know. All I can say is that the video (and, obviously, the car) is a winner.

In the above video, the narrator claims that building the All New Porsche Panamera took “courage” by the German automaker because skeptics in the industry considered it “madness.” If we can engage in some “real talk” for a moment, the Ad Men in Inglostadt are gilding the lily a bit. I mean, engineering a luxury sedan with super car track times, then infusing it with the Porsche design language is, for all intents and purposes, a no-brainer. As such, the rebellious spirit of this commercial is more than a bit overstated.

What is compelling about the spot, though, is the manner in which marketers situate the Panamera within the broader manufacturing and design history of Porsche. When the voice over compares it to the 911, 919, and Cayenne, then you know the Panamera has been fully accepted into the Porsche fleet for the foreseeable future. The comparisons also provide viewers with the distinct sense that Porsche brass are finally at peace with the sedan concept and are stoked about its current iteration. Although the Panamera first debuted in 2010, it’s now officially part of the team, so to speak.

On a side note, it’s hilarious to see a cast of cultural stereotypes gawk at the sedan as it speeds through the streets of NYC.

Well, here’s the video evidence that the 2017 Porsche Panamera beat the Porsche 911 Carrera’s track time at Nürburgring (which I referenced earlier in this post). Indeed, completing a lap in 7:38 makes this year’s Panamera the “fast luxury sedan on earth.”

The video opens with some gorgeous drone shots of the course, twisting through a forested countryside. While most of us will never experience what it’s like to drive a vehicle on the course, the images in the video provide us with the distinct impression that it would be a wonderful ride. Either way, it’s great to see the Panamera rip trough the course.

If you’re reading this post, you’re most likely already aware that Patrick Dempsey is the celebrity face of the Porsche brand. As the former star of Grey’s Anatomy, Transformers, and a slew of 80s classics, Dempsey carved out quite a space for himself on The Big Screen. Of course, he’s also an accomplished driver, racing with the Porsche team in several professional events.

His praise of the All New Porsche Panamera is unequivocal. At the 0:15 mark, he says: “The Panamera to me is a very good car. It just looks absolutely beautiful. It’s part of the tradition and the heritage that is Porsche.”

Later on in the video, Dempsey continues to heap praise upon the newest iteration of the vehicle when he says: “It just keeps getting refined…They take what’s great, keep that, and keep improving [everything else]. For me, it’s the best car around.”

You like Porsche? We have Porsche.

If those HYPE videos did their job, then you’re chomping at the bit to scoop up an All New Porsche Panamera. While the new model won’t hit showroom floors for a while, Prestige Imports has several 2016 Panamera models in-stock. Stop by our dealership at 9201 West Colfax Avenue if you’d like to test drive a vehicle. Otherwise, call one of our Porsche Brand Ambassadors at (833) 825-5423 to schedule an appointment. You can also check out our inventory of of 911s, Macans, Cayennes, Boxsters, and Caymans.


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