Thrilled to join a family of Prestige Imports’ satisfied customers

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Portrait of a satisfied customer with her new Audi Q5Dear Mr. Adis,

I wanted to take the time out to personally write back to you regarding your letter that I recently received about my car buying experience at Prestige Imports. First and foremost, thank you. You are absolutely correct that in today’s automotive marketplace there are plenty of cars to compare with a wide variety of options and dealerships to purchase from. I also believe in today’s world, people rarely take the time out to recognize each other or organizations for good and bad experiences. As someone who used to work in the service industry, I am more than aware of survey results and how important they are. Therefore I wanted to take the time to personally tell you about purchasing my Audi Q5 3.0 T. Please feel free to share this letter with those you deem appropriate.

Most 27-year-old females do not purchase a $50,000 car on their own. In case you have not figured out yet, I am not most 27-year-old females. I test drove 20 different automobiles ranging from $28,000 – $85,000 and while I would love to tell you selecting an Audi was an easy decision, it was not. It was however the perfect decision and not only am I more than happy with my selection, I am thrilled that I have joined a family of other satisfied customers who also love driving incredible vehicles. My father has driven and owned some of the world’s most expensive automobiles and has purchased Audi’s from Prestige Imports in the past; and therefore, I would never be content with a car that took me from point A to point B. Why have or be ordinary when extraordinary is in the picture?

Please know that your management staff and sales associates are doing a wonderful job. Not only did they listen to my father’s numerous car stories but they knew who was buying the car at the end of the day. You have no idea how important this is to me and how many dealerships forget to acknowledge that women can drive these cars like they were engineered to be driven and are capable of purchasing a car on their own. Bruce Kosters and Scott West deserve acknowledgement for going above and beyond my expectations. While I wish I knew his name, there is another individual who deserves possibly more kudos. This young man was the first to greet me every single time I came to the dealership. He was exceptionally pleasant, always smiling and very willing to help find a sales associate. From what I could see, he simply moved the cars, secured the lot at the close of business and helped train new individuals on moving the cars properly. When leaving with my new car, he genuinely congratulated me and made my day even better. I’m going to assume that you know who he is, please extend my thank you to him. I look forward to more Audi events and a continued successful partnership.

With sincere gratitude for a job well done, thank you.


One of Prestige Imports' many satisfied customers stands with her Audi Q5 in front of open space and mountains


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