The Porsche Sound

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The Porsche Sound - Low angle view of a classic Porsche driving on a country road.

The Porsche Sound

One of the signature features of Porsche’s 911 model is the sound its engine produces (particularly, the older air-cooled engines). It is a unique, muscular noise that elicits a visceral response from the driver or passenger.

In the below eGarage video, Porsche enthusiast Magnus Walker tools around Los Angeles for a night drive. The video’s edit highlights the classic, Porsche sound:

The director’s choice to not use a voice over or a soundtrack offers the audience uninterrupted enjoyment of the 1971 Porsche 911T’s engine. Coupled with the gorgeous, hi-def shots of the car set against panoramic skylines, the video is aesthetically decadent and worth five minutes of your time. And, as a Tarkovsky devotee, the tunnel scene between the 3:35 and 3:58 marks gives me goosebumps.

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Photo Courtesy Alexander Lindquist / flickr

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