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Porsche Tequipment Winter Accessories

Porsche Tequipment Winter Accessories

Last week, the Porsche Newsroom reprinted an interview with CEO Dr. Oliver Blume, which first appeared in a special edition of Porsche Design. The interview is far-reaching, covering issues such as the 911’s design lineage, Porsche’s future business goals, and Blume’s love of running. When discussing the topics of interior design and customization, Blume says:

You’d be surprised to see all the many things you can do with your Macan without having to forego Porsche quality. This is also true for our other models. And if all this isn’t enough for you, then I’d recommend the Porsche Tequipment, our program of accessories to further individualize your Porsche. It´s quite a comprehensive bag of tricks.

A quick glance at the Tequipment pages on Porsche’s main website reveals a veritable cornucopia of accessories, gadgets, and gizmos that you can purchase to individualize your driving experience. Check out the Porsche Tequipment hype video below:

While many drivers will store their vehicle during the winter months in order to preserve its lifespan, there are several items one can buy (especially for the Cayenne and Macan) that will enhance your driving experience when weather conditions involve snow, ice, and sleet. Below is a list of Porsche Tequipment Winter Accessories along with each item’s description.

1) Winter Wheel and Tire Sets: I’ve discussed the benefits of purchasing seasonal tires (as opposed to all-season), so I won’t rehash their advantages here. But Porsche does offer customized wheel/tire sets for all of their models. For example, if you own a Panamera, you can select from four different wheel/tire options, depending upon your preferences.

2) All-weather floor mats: Porsche offers precision-fit floor mats, specifically design to match the contours of each individual model. While the shape of the mats differ according to which model you own, they are all made of waterproof, non-slip material that bear the Porsche logo. Floor mats, obviously, are a necessity during winter, unless, of course, you want to jack up the interior of your vehicle.

3) Luggage compartment liners: Your slush- and salt-caked boots aren’t the only things that can damage the interior of your vehicle during winter. Yes, that is, no doubt, a shocking revelation. In order to protect all your interior surfaces during the winter months, Porsche also made luggage compartment liners. These black plastic, custom-fit liners are waterproof and washable. So if you’re loading up the back of your Macan with ski boots, salt bags, etc. you won’t have to worry about ruining your car. Of course, the compartment liners work well for any season, especially if you find yourself playing in the mountains year round.

4) Roofbox 320: Are you planning on escaping Denver for a long weekend vacation in the mountains with a couple of friends? Well, where are you going to put all your luggage, hot shot? Sure, the Macan and Cayenne boast plenty of interior room for storage; but what if you’re cruising up to Vail in a Panamera? Or heading to Snowmass with your significant other in a Cayman? The Roofbox 320 will ensure that storage space is never a problem. This locakble plastic box offers a 320-liter capacity and contains plastic floor mats for secure transportation. If you really want to go bananas, Porsche also sells a Roofbox 520, which (you guessed it) provides 520-liter storage capacity.

5) Ski/snowboard holder, pull-out: You ski, brah? Yeah, of course you do; I mean, you live in Colorado. Well, I guess you could ride instead. Oh, wait, Porsche makes a dual ski and snowboard rack for its vehicles? Whether you use two sticks or one, it doesn’t matter. Now you have a way to transport your gear up to Beaver Creak, Aspen, or wherever else you’re planning on shredding this upcoming weekend. Have I used enough “bro talk” in this description yet? I think so. Nonetheless, this lockable, pull-out holder fits up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.

6) Snow chains: In a recent blog post, I discussed how the Colorado Department of Transportation will more rigorously enforce Codes 15 and 16 this winter. Those codes require all vehicles to maintain proper tread depth and use snow chains when road conditions worsen. Fear not the heavy fine levied against the negligent, sweet Porsche driver. You now can purchase fine-link, low-profile snow chains designed specifically for your vehicle, regardless of the model.

7) Ski bag: Of course, if you’d rather not purchase the ski/snowboard rack, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy Porsche swag that will protect your vehicle and look stylish while you’re heading up to Steamboat (or wherever the heck you decided to practice your next, intense ski ballet routine, as seen below):

Yep, now you can pick up a ski bag that will allow you to tote around your sticks easily while you head to the big ballet match-up.

If you’d like to outfit your vehicle with any of these Porsche Tequipment Winter Accessories, stop by Prestige Imports, located a 9201 West Colfax Avenue between Wadsworth and Kipling. A friendly Parts employee in our merchandise shop can help outfit your car in whatever manner possible. You can also call us at (833) 825-5423 to check on the availability of specific items.

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