Porsche Production Process: The Making of a Masterpiece

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Photo of a Porsche Macan on the assembly line - used to illustrate the article "Porsche Production Process: The Making of a Masterpiece"

Porsche Production Process: The Making of a Masterpiece

As a writer and an artist, I find the process of how something is made to be as fascinating as the eventual end product. In some instances, process might even trump product.

So I was rather pleased when I stumbled upon the following manufacturing video compiled by Porsche, which lays bare, more or less, the production of the 911:

One aspect of the process that I love is the manner in which man and machine interact. Certain parts of production appear to be completely automated and conducted by robots: for example, much of the body work at the beginning of the video. Conversely, actual people attend to most (if not all) of the leather work later on in the clip.

My only complaint about the video is the relative absence of the paint process at Porsche’s paint factory at Leipzig. Since the marketing dudes for the German auto-manufacturer claim that their new factory is “one of the most advanced paint shop facilities in the world,” viewing more in-depth footage from that segment would have been nice. Otherwise, though, the video is an absorbing look at the construction of, arguably, the world’s finest sports car.

When Porsche released the 918 Spyder, they also produced a similar (albeit shorter) video that documented the manufacturing process of their new super car. You can check it out below:

Of course, while the above two videos are compelling in their own right, I know what you’re thinking: Sure these videos are all well and good, but how the heck would Lego Men put together a Porsche Spyder 918 in stop-motion? Rest easy, friend, because the answer to your query is below:

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If you’d like to find out more about the Porsche production process, please check out their official factory site.

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