Porsche and Audi LED Lights: The Benefits of Better Lighting

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Porsche and Audi LED Lights -The Benefits of Better Lighting

Nowadays, Audi and Porsche equip most of the vehicles with LED headlamps and rear taillights as a standard feature. Generally speaking, manufacturers consider LED lights superior to their incandescent, halogen, or xenon counterparts. Since the lighting system on you vehicle is one of its most important safety features, outfitting your car with premium equipment is in your best interest.


But what exactly are LED lights and why do they provide a benefit to drivers?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. According to the Edison Tech Center, LEDs “create light by electroluminescence in a semiconductor material. Electroluminescence is the phenomenon of a material emitting light when electric current or an electric field is passed through it – this happens when electrons are sent through the material and fill electron holes.”

While the above definition provides a detailed account of how LEDs work, it’s rather technical and, perhaps, a bit too esoteric to comprehend fully. At the end of the day, drivers and potential car buyers want to know, clearly, the advantages of a particular product.


Well, the benefits of Porsche and Audi LED lights are many; below you will find a brief list of why they’re so swell:

RESPONSIVENESS: To begin with, the time it takes for LED lights to achieve maximum illumination is much quicker when compared with other forms of lighting. Whereas halogen and incandescent lights require a half second to attain full brightness, it takes LED lights a mere one millionth of a second. The time differential improves brake response by thirty percent, assisting in the prevention of rear end collisions.

LIGHTING: Since they emit a cool light that measures around 6,000 Kelvin, LEDs appear much whiter in the daylight than other headlamps. They also provide better light return at night, making road signs much more visible. Moreover, LEDs create a large pattern of light on the road, whereas halogen lights provide only small pools in front of your vehicle. To this end, a driver’s field of vision at night increases dramatically.

ECONOMICAL: LEDs will also save drivers money over time because they have a much longer lifespan. In fact, it has been estimated that LED headlights can last up to 15,000 light-producing hours.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Finally, since LEDs do not use filament or mercury, they are better for the environment and produce less heat.


Of course, as with any industry, technology in the automotive field continues to advance each year. With regard to lighting options, that means “laser” lights are already on the horizon. As you will see in the below video, a nighttime test drive in an Audi R8 with laser headlamps offers drivers unprecedented illumination:

And here is another, more in-depth video overview of the Audi laser light concept:

This technology is still a few years away from mainstream implementation, though; so, until then, Porsche and Audi LED lights are a driver’s best choice.


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