How are Porsche and Audi lease specials just like a mannequin?

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Editor’s note: In this article Prestige Imports’ Marketing Manager Heather Pridemore  explains how Porsche and Audi lease specials are just like a mannequin by making a connection between building an outfit and building a lease offer.

How are Porsche and Audi lease specials just like a mannequin? Photo by runran.


So you are currently in the market for a new vehicle – hopefully a new Audi or Porsche, and you keep seeing very attractive lease payments advertised on television, on the internet, in the newspaper, and on sites like Autotrader and You like the idea of a low monthly payment but you feel apprehensive about the fine print, the down payment, the mileage and the additional taxes. Let me first say that the fine print is not designed to intimidate, confuse, or trick you. It’s simply an example of what’s possible.

Think of the advertised Porsche or Audi lease special like a mannequin in a department store – you’re walking through the aisles and you are interested in buying some new clothes, but there is a lot of selection and varying prices. You approach a display with some well dressed mannequins – they are fitted with the latest trends, completely accessorized, and the presentation makes you imagine yourself in the same attire; so you try the outfit on. But clothes are a lot like lease payments – not a one size fits all situation. And the accessories are like down payment amounts – maybe you already have a brown belt or you can’t wear costume jewelry. Now, I realize I’ve gotten a little off track here, and I’m creating some unusual comparisons, but the heart of the matter is that while the entire outfit the mannequin is wearing may not fit you, or may not fit your taste, you could still walk away with a great outfit at a price point you feel good about, and it was all because you were willing to start with the outfit the mannequin was wearing.

So when you see a lease special advertised, just realize it’s like the mannequin at the department store. It’s simply a way to show you what’s possible. If your needs and financial variables are different from the lease payment structure, you shouldn’t shy away from at least trying the lease payment on – a shift in the down payment or taxes may not impact the monthly payment as much as you expect. You also might find that you qualify for additional incentives that couldn’t be applied to the sample payment which means you could get an even more attractive payment amount.

For a more detailed look at the variables that make up a lease special, take a look at our previous post explaining how our Audi lease specials are structured.


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This article was written by Heather Pridemore, Marketing Manager at Prestige Imports

Image – Copyright runran/flickr

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