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This Audi RS7 Should have been in Back to the Future II

Today is is 21 October 2015: the date made famous by the now-classic film Back To The Future: Part II.

In the movie, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels from 1985 to 2105 in order to save his children from the devious schemes of archrival Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson). With the help of Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), Marty transports through time in a DeLorean DMC-12 that’s been modified with flux capacitor technology. Check out the original, theatrical trailer below:

While the speculative futures of Back to the Future: Part II (e.g. flying cars, hoverboards, and Jaws 19) have not come to fruition, the DeLorean Motor Company filed for bankruptcy, and flux capacitor technology remains a dream of sci-fi fanboys, that doesn’t mean manufacturers of modern vehicles have not made innovative strides in automotive technology.

Designers at Audi have developed some rather impressive ideas that seem as though they could have been stolen straight from the script of a sci-fi movie. Specifically, Audi has positioned itself at the forefront of piloted driving research and development.

Audi’s website states that, as a society, we are “moving toward an era when drivers won’t be required for driving.” In fact, any impediments in actualizing these advancements have little to do with technological hurdles and more to do with “legal, political, infrastructure, regulatory, and liability factors.”

Furthermore, Audi’s piloted driving technology focuses on the “human-machine interface.” While such an interplay between man and machine looks to strike a balance between personal enjoyment and safety, the concept of hybrid functionality plays upon cultural imaginations of cyborg technology: man and machine working in concert with one another so as to produce a third, more spectacular entity that includes the best elements of its disparate lineages.

Currently, Audi is testing prototypes of their “congestion pilot” system in conjunction with Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Lab in Silicon Valley. According to Audi’s website, this system will relieve an individual of driving tasks while in heavy, rush hour-like traffic: “the system accelerates, brakes and steers the vehicle at speeds up to 37mph. Once a traffic jam disperse or the the end of the highway has been reached, the driver is prompted to take back control” of the vehicle.

Engineers at Audi are also in the process of driving fully-automated vehicles on the racetrack. Check out the video below for a quick glimpse of their efforts:

As you can tell from the video, the Audi RS 7 handles at performance levels on the course in Hockenheim, Germany. Indeed, it appears that you don’t need a time-machine to witness the future of driving.

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