Are rodents chewing the wiring in your Porsche or Audi?

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squirrel eating your wires in your porsche and audi

Watch out for rodents chewing the wiring in your new or late model vehicle…

Here’s one you may not have heard before, but is unfortunately true. Many luxury brand car models, including Porsche and Audi, have had some problems with electrical wires being chewed by small rodents. Yes, you read that correctly – rabbits, squirrels and mice prefer Porsche and Audi vehicles, just like people.

Due to the soy-based compound that coats the electrical wiring, rodents think that they have found a special treat in your engine compartment. Depending on the wires that are damaged, this small nuisance can potentially lead to serious problems.

The gnawed-on wires can cause a multitude of electrical issues that will trigger the “Check Engine Light”, and can even cause the vehicle to run roughly since damaged ignition coil wires will often cause a misfire in the engine.

Many of the rodent problems that we see here at Prestige Imports have come from cars sitting for extended periods of time at Denver International Airport. With so many cars in so many lots, it can be a feeding frenzy for the hungry rodents. Aside from the soy based sheathing on the wires, another reason these little critters wind up in your engine compartment is that they are simply looking for a comfortable and convenient place to nest. Especially in cold weather, a nice warm engine bay provides a perfect home.

So what can you do to prevent rodents from chewing your engine wiring? Whether at home or at the airport, be cautious about storing your vehicle for an extended period. If you will be leaving on a lengthy trip, it may be worth considering mass transit or a taxi service to get to the airport. You will avoid the parking fees and you won’t be serving up your car on a silver platter. When storing your vehicle at home, do your best to always park in the garage. And even if your car is in the garage, be aware of any cracks or holes where squirrels, or especially mice, can sneak in. Another area of concern could be pet food. If you store pet food in your garage it could draw rodents that are then likely to build a home in your engine compartment. We would recommend that pet food be stored in a solid airtight container. Remember, rodents are always on the lookout for a warm nesting area with easy access to food.

Another way to help keep the rodents at bay is to periodically, meaning at least once a month, check your engine compartment for indications of a nest; watch for tell-tale signs like piles of twigs, bits of leaves, or droppings. Regular scheduled maintenance can also help deter the rodents. Our Factory Certified Technicians will pick-up right away on anything that is out of place in your engine compartment.

Finally, if you are one of the unfortunate drivers that has been besieged by these little pests, be sure to get your vehicle in for service right away to prevent any further problems. To schedule an appointment, call our Customer Care Department at (888) 467-3950 or complete our online form.


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