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Prestige Imports, an Audi and Porsche dealer serving the Denver Metro Area, and PGI Wraps, Denver’s most experienced installers of vehicle, building and window wraps have joined forces for a vehicle sponsorship with Denver Broncos’ Safety, number 31, Omar Bolden. The partnership kicks off just in time for training camp and will last through the end of the season (Super Bowl, here we come!).

Prestige Imports provided Omar Bolden with a 2015 Glacier White metallic Audi A8L 3.0T. Jeff Johannes and his team at PGI Wraps then collaborated with Bolden to customize the vehicle. Bolden was quickly drawn to a matte army green. While discussing his color choice with PGI Wraps and Prestige Imports the group was inspired by the design of the A8 dashboard, which resembles an airplane cockpit. Combine the sophistication of the design and technology of the A8’s interior with the matte green and vintage fighter planes quickly became the inspiration for the design. Bolden then chose glossy red accents to offset the seriousness of the matte green. Working with PGI Wraps he was able to get a custom design that was a reflection of his personality and taste. The vehicle also carries the logos for PGI Wraps and Prestige Imports, incorporated into the design to avoid distracting from the overall look of the vehicle.

Additionally, the vehicle is tagged with two hash tags: #positiveliving and #SeeBoldenRun. Bolden is very passionate about #positiveliving. It is the inspiration and driving force for the way he lives his life; he adopted #positiveliving as his mantra after tearing his ACL at Arizona State in 2011. Facing the challenges of missing his senior season and the uncertainty of getting drafted he focused on the positive things in his life; that positive energy allowed him to compete and get drafted to the Denver Broncos. The second hash tag, #SeeBoldenRun, is a parallel between his life on and off the field. As Bolden is seen all over the Denver Metro Area in his unmistakable matte army green A8 his fans, Broncos fans, and Audi fans alike can photograph and tag their posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram with the #SeeBoldenRun hash tag. During the season, Bolden will be adding badges to his vehicle, like the markers fighter pilots added to their planes, when he makes a big play or a kickoff return. Bolden, Prestige Imports, and PGI Wraps will all be posting images of the vehicle over the course of the season (You can follow Bolden at @os_island on Instagram and @Os_Island on Twitter, Prestige Imports at @prestige_co on Instagram and @Prestige_CO on Twitter, and PGI Wraps at @pgiwraps on Instagram and @pgiWRAPS on Twitter).

Omar Bolden, through his belief in #positiveliving, has learned to challenge the givens in life and to keep pushing forward. He has not let the position of Cornerback define him – he has developed his skills to also play Safety, Kick Returner, and Punt Returner. Audi as a brand shares in the ideology of challenging conventions as can be seen in the history of their racing and the development of quattro, the drive to constantly find new and better ways of doing things, and the fact that Audi has made both luxury and technology attainable. The result of this shared theory, collaboration and partnership is a bold, aggressive, and personalized Audi A8. Be on the lookout for Bolden on and off the field and don’t forget to tag your photos with #SeeBoldenRun.

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Photography by Nicholas Buckingham, In-House Photographer at Prestige Imports. Learn more about Nick on his website –

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