Prestige Imports of Lakewood: A history of friends, family and experiences

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A photo of the exterior of Prestige Imports of Lakewood, a Porsche and Audi Dealer in Colorado.

People don’t really ask me why I enjoy working for Prestige Imports of Lakewood. To be honest, they don’t have to – I’m eager to share with them how passionate I am about what I consider to be a very special place. I am also genuinely excited about the products we sell and the services we offer. It’s not hard to sell yourself, your brand, your business, or products and services when there is a part of you deep down that truly believes.

The dealership, has been in its current location, in Lakewood, CO, for over three decades. It was originally named Bob Hagestad Porsche Audi – one of the first Audi dealers in the United States. The dealership had a name change in 1984, that is when it became Prestige Imports. The building has had a few facelifts, most notably in the mid nineties when it was chosen as one of the first five Audi dealerships in the country to undergo a complete remodel to the airport hanger design that you see today.

Layne Burke, Audi Technician, completes an alignment

As an employer Prestige Imports can boast that some early employees still work here today. The most tenured employee is Dan Carnahan, currently at the Prestige Imports Collision Center, he has been with the company since November, 1970. Employed nearly as long are Dennis McClung (January, 1972), Audi Shop Foreman and Layne Burke (May, 1972), Audi Technician. I myself have been here almost 5 years and I’m one of the newer associates. In addition to long term employees we also have legacy associates: Justin Adis, Chuck Hitt, Troy Hagestad, and the Valeruz’s. Justin Adis, General Manager, started at the dealership as a porter, and after gaining well rounded experience in the industry, is following in his father’s footsteps as Prestige’s GM. Chuck Hitt’s brother was one of the dealership’s previous General Managers. If you recall the dealership use to be Hagestad Porsche Audi – Troy Hagestad is fairly new to our staff but not new to our dealership. The Valeruz family is a perfect example of how the dealership family atmosphere actually includes family members. Manfred Valeruz has worked for Prestige Imports for 27 years collectively and at one point two of his sons also worked here (one of his sons, Ethan Valeruz, currently serves as our Porsche Service Advisor).

There are many reasons people stay – Prestige Imports is the kind of company that promotes from within and listens to employee ideas. The General Manager, Justin Adis, and his management team provide strong, fair leadership; and throughout the year the dealership shows the staff how important they are through summer barbecues, a holiday party, gift cards at Thanksgiving, and the occasional baseball or hockey game. Associates are also invited to participate at customer appreciation events.

Customers are also very loyal to Prestige Imports, and part of that is due to the relationships the employees build with each and every customer. There is nothing the associates like better than sharing their passion for the Audi and Porsche brands with fellow enthusiasts. For some customers a visit to the dealership is like visiting a club house – grab a doughnut, a cup of coffee, and share in laughs and good conversation. Seriously, some of our customers simply stop by to say “hi”; but when the time comes that they need us for a new vehicle, or to service their current one, we are here. As far as amenities go, we offer the standards you’ve come to expect: shuttle service, valet service, WiFi, loaner cars, rentals, coffee and doughnuts. What Prestige offers, that other dealerships don’t, is a series of amazing customer appreciation events: Ice Driving at Georgetown Lake, a Spring Mountain Tour, Day at the Track, and our annual Oktoberfest (this year Prestige celebrates the 25th anniversary of this event). Additionally, as a dealership we are very active in the cycling community, sponsor local organizations like the Foothills Animal Shelter and University of Denver, and participate in events throughout the year that, in most cases, have little to do with cars.

Emily Pridemore Breece with her electric Audi R8 GT Spyder

If you can’t tell, I take a lot of pride in working for Prestige Imports. I am also a customer – we are an Audi family. Even my baby girl has an electric R8.

If you are an employee at Prestige Imports of Lakewood, I’m proud to call you family. If you are already a customer you know exactly what I’m talking about and we’ve likely shared a laugh at one of the many Prestige customer appreciation events. And if you are not yet part of our family then I encourage you to check us out – and if you come by be sure to say hi. It would be my pleasure to get to know you and share my passion and enthusiasm with you – I look forward to seeing you soon!


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