Porsche on XCar: An Historical Perspective

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Porsche on XCar

Porsche on XCar: An Historical Perspective

A plethora of car review videos exist within the ether of the Internet. Some may even go so far as to say that a veritable cornucopia of videos overfloweth upon the World Wild Web. Indeed, for every make, model, and year of vehicle, there are, no doubt, at least a handful of reviews for you to peruse.

In order for the wheat to separate itself from the chaff, as they say in agribusiness, a video review needs to accomplish several things. First, the production level (e.g. HD cameras, sound recordings, etc.) must be professional and of a exceptional quality. Second, the host must be articulate, humorous, charming, and relatively “camera-friendly.”

Over and above these aspects, though, it helps to develop interesting content. And interesting content is more than rattling off numbers about hp and torque. Much, much more.

That’s why I’m a fan of XCar reviews. XCar regularly offers viewers in-depth, hisorical information that other reviews don’t even attempt to provide. Take, for instance, the following review of the 2016 Porsche Targa GTS:

Yes, this video has all the hallmarks of a solid car review: glamour shots of the vehicle, top-notch tech, and a host who can rattle off specs with a confidence and recall that makes it appear that he built the damn thing. But this video really shines between the 1:59 and 4:12 marks. Over the course of two and a quarter minutes, the host spins an historical digression that outlines both the origins of the car’s name and the unique Targa convertible/rollover bar. It’s wonderfully informative and adds a richness to the review that you otherwise wouldn’t expect from a straight critique of the vehicle.

But XCar doesn’t stop at a few minutes of backstory; the program also develops original, documentary content. For instance, the below video of Porsche’s relationship with LeMans offers a comprehensive look at the car manufacturer’s success at the 24-hour race during the course of the past half-century:

The fact that XCar dedicates nearly 30 minutes to a specific, car-oriented topic is what, to my mind, makes this a terrific series. You can check more of Porsche on XCar videos on their YouTube channel. In the meantime, visit Prestige Imports to test drive a Porsche vehicle in order to immerse yourself in the Porsche experience that these videos promote. We’re located at 9201 West Colfax Avenue between Wadsworth and Kipling. You can schedule an appointment with someone in our Sales Department by calling (833) 825-5423.

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