Porsche, It’s As Good As It Gets

On February 5th, 2013 / By

Roxanne sitting in her Porsche 911 Cabriolet, parked on the shoulder of a mountain road.


For over 25 years, Roxanne has been a part of the Porsche franchise. Since purchasing her first 911 in 1987, and having numerous 911s since, Roxanne now owns a 2002 996 Cabriolet as well as a new 2013 Cayenne Diesel.

She has always had an interest in cars, especially German engineering. Roxanne has deemed Porsche as “her brand.” She recently declared that she hopes she will always be in a position to own Porsche “There are certainly other well made cars in the market, but Porsche is different. Non-owners seem to think it is about speed, but to me, it is really about performance; speed is just part of that performance equation. I think they are great cars and I love driving them.”

Roxanne is a big proponent of 911 owners attending driving school.  “Driving a 911 is great fun – but it became even more fun for me once I learned how to drive it.   A 911 is pretty powerful – and taking a sharp turn is exhilarating especially if you drive into it! These cars want to be driven – they want to be driven hard, want to be pushed”. She credits the driving school that she attended with giving her that appreciation. Roxanne is passionate about her 911, “there’s nothing like driving one, second gear is totally awesome in a 911 – it’s as good as it gets.”

The newest addition to Roxanne’s journey with Porsche is her new 2013 Cayenne Diesel. She loves the idea of having a responsive SUV that is also fuel efficient.  She does not intend to take her Cayenne off road, but looks forward to driving it to Montana and Wyoming when she takes her annual fly-fishing trips. She’s a self proclaimed “mountain girl.”

Over the years Roxanne has purchased several Porsche vehicles from Prestige Imports. She attributes her continued relationship to the experiences she has had with Prestige Imports’ Sales and Service professionals. She explained, “they have a long-standing relationship with Porsche and understand the cars as well as the buyer.”

Roxanne keeps up on her routine maintenance and is most appreciative of the long standing relationship she has had with Porsche Service Manager, Dave Stribling. In her own words, “their service manager, in particular, is the guy I trust. He owns Porsche [vehicles] himself and he has worked in the service bay – subsequently, he truly understands these cars.” Roxanne is proud to say she “wouldn’t consider doing business with another dealer.”

The only problem Roxanne has had with her vehicles is that she doesn’t get to spend nearly enough time behind the wheel. As a consultant, she spends a lot of her time working. However, when she’s not on the clock, she makes time for cooking and is in the process of writing a cookbook. She’s also looking forward to extending her fly-fishing trips now that she has the Cayenne Diesel.

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