Porsche and Audi, These Vehicles Have It All

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Mark and Shelly are a married couple that share a passion for the Porsche and Audi brands. Mark is a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur. He started his own HVAC Manufacturers’ Representative Company, Edge Mechanical Systems, Inc., in 2006. His wife Shelly also has her own business since 1999, Addison’s Hair Design, Inc., and is currently working towards a difficult board certification in Hair Color.

In addition to running their businesses and working hard they are a very active couple. According to Mark, “I love being active and it’s amazing to have a wife that loves all of the same activities. Shelly and I truly do just about everything together as a couple.” Mark and Shelly’s hobbies include: snow skiing, scuba diving, backpacking/hiking, cycling (road & mountain), hunting, cooking, photography, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

The couple also enjoys being around cars and they have attended many Prestige Imports events. They attended both the 2011 and 2012 Day at the Track events and Oktoberfest 2011. Shelly described what it’s like to participate in a Prestige Imports’ event, “It’s always nice to see our Prestige friends at different Prestige Imports’ venues and to talk about cars and such. The days at the track are especially fun for me, as I love everything about being at the track – the smell of race fuel, the sound of the fast cars, watching all the fast cars, and sometimes an opportunity to drive!”

Mark and Shelly own a 2011 Audi S4 and a 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. The S4 is Mark’s daily driver in the spring and summer and the Cayenne is Shelly’s main vehicle and considered to be the “family vehicle.” When asked what he likes most about his S4 Mark stated, “I’m going with Accelerating, Braking, and Cornering, and of course, the car looks awesome” which he credits to the Prestige Imports’ Service Department. Being an engineer, Mark takes great pride in the modifications to his S4, “Prestige’s Service Department is top notch and has installed all of the aftermarket, high performance modifications to the Audi. The list of modifications is very long and Aaron always has that ‘what’s next’ look on his face when I walk into the shop.”

The Cayenne was nearly a surprise for Shelly but Mark wanted to make sure she absolutely loved the vehicle before purchasing it. They were in the market for an AWD vehicle that would be reliable for winters in the foothills. Shelly loves that she gets the best of both worlds from her Cayenne, “there is no need to compromise. This vehicle has it all; horsepower, torque, handling capabilities, and is beautifully designed! I love to drive this car since it’s fast, comfortable, and has a great sound system! It’s nice to have a vehicle that you feel safe in the winter and can have fun in the summer. The fact that you can haul what you need and still have a sports car is pretty darn amazing!”

Mark and Shelly originally came to Prestige Imports because it’s close to where they live but they will continue to come to Prestige Imports “due to the relationships [we] have built with the dealership.” Mark hopes to add a Porsche dedicated track car and GT3 to his garage in the future.

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