The 2016 Porsche 911R: A Video Review Comparison

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The 2016 Porsche 911R - A Video Review Comparison

2016 Porsche 911R: The HYPE of a “Pure” Driving Experience

A few months ago, Porsche ratcheted up the HYPE-machine to 11 for its announcement of the 2016 911R. Boasting a manual transmission and stripped of the bells and whistles that accompany contemporary 911s, engineers at Stuttgart insisted that this vehicle wasn’t so much about “numbers” (e.g. 0-60 sprint times and fuel-efficiency). Rather, the motivating factor behind the development of the 2016 Porsche 911R was a “pure” driving experience.

While the promotional materials certainly looked impressive, buyers and enthusiasts alike would have to wait until Porsche actually made their limited-run of 991 cars before confirmation of these claims could be made. Of course, the fact that the vehicle sold out before production even started would ensure that most people would never be able to judge for themselves first-hand. Now that the 911R has begun to roll off the production line, though, Porsche has offered some reviewers the rare opportunity to take a test model out for a spin.

2016 Porsche 911R: New Video Reviews

Each of the below videos, I think, confirm the German automaker’s hope: the 2016 Porsche 911R lives up to the hype, delivering on its claims that the model offers a viscerally pleasurable, driving experience. But watching these short videos, though, provides audiences with two radically different viewing experiences. If you’re an avid viewer of online car reviews, I think a brief discussion of the two clips could be instructive.

First, watch the Ignition piece, which Motor Trend produced:


Now, take a few more minutes to watch the video produced by PistonHeads:


2016 Porsche 911R: The Mechanics of a Video Review

For starters, the first video review uses multiple cameras, whereas the second video uses, at best, two (but most likely one). Providing a variety of views for audience members necessarily adds visual excitement. The monotony of a single, passenger view in the second video begins to wear on the audience after a couple of minutes. Not only are there more cameras in the first video, though, but the shots come from different angles, directions, and distances. All this creates a more stimulating effect. Finally, the quality of the images–whether that be sharpness, color, or framing–offers a superior viewing experience.

Of course, more than the quantity of cameras and quality of camera work, the hosts themselves factor a great deal into how well a car review video unfolds. While the host of the PistonHeads piece delivers a serviceable overview to the 2016 Porsche 911R, he primarily rattles off manufacturer’s statistics and information. When he veers away from reciting the automaker’s basic specs, it’s usually to interject a sarcastic quip regarding Porsche owners, which quickly becomes grating.

The host of the Ignition spot, Jason Cammisa, on the other hand, demonstrates both a comprehensive knowledge and palpable enjoyment of cars. One of my favorite moments in the first video clip occurs between the 6:35 and 8:07 marks. In order to highlight the noises the vehicle produces without the presence of sound dampening materials, Cammisa explains the 911R’s “music” from ignition to acceleration, and everything in between. (It also shows off the higher sound-quality of the Ignition clip.)

The fact that he both names and describes each sound emanating from the 911R’s 500hp, 4-liter engine demonstrates a level of understanding that I’ve rarely seen/heard from a host in a video review. But this isn’t a singular moment of insight for Cassima. Rather, he scatters like-minded gems throughout the entirety of the video. Moreover, he conveys much of his information regarding the car via comprehensible and populist metaphors (e.g. the kid who scores well on standardized tests, but isn’t that intelligent) in order to connect with a broader audience.

But more than his knowledge of cars and his ability to translate esoteric information for mainstream audiences through metaphor, Cammisa can drive a car. I mean, really drive a car. During the course of the clip, he spins, peels out, drifts, and shifts like a pro. I’m not sure about the specifics of his background, but I’ll assume that he’s logged plenty of hours at the track during his day.

So why does any of this matter? Well, after watching the PistonHeads video, one is left feeling that, if there were 911Rs available (and one could afford it), that the car might not be worth the investment. Conversely, watching the Ignition video leaves the viewer with the distinct impression that this model might be the single best vehicle that the German automaker has built during the past three decades.

Therein, I think, lies the importance of comparing these two videos, insofar as juxtaposing them concretely demonstrates the power of a well-crafted and knowledgeable opinion when it comes to the automotive industry.

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