Your Guide to Porsche and Audi Air Conditioning Services

Complete guide to Porsche and Audi Air Conditioning Services in Denver, CO

With summer temperatures regularly topping 100 degrees in Denver and along the Front Range, it is important to have an air conditioning (A/C) system that works properly. Before you jump to the conclusion that there is a problem with your A/C system, be sure to optimize the heating and cooling settings for your car. If your settings are optimized, and you still think there may be some issues with your Porsche or Audi air conditioning system, please read on…

An air conditioning system’s compressor, condenser, and evaporator work in conjunction with one another to cool the air that enters the vehicle’s passenger compartment. Two sides, high and low, divide the system laterally. The high side contains the compressor, which moves refrigerant through the system like a pump; the low side includes the expansion valve, which restricts the flow of refrigerant by lowering its temperature and pressure.

Over time, though, A/C fittings and wires loosen, condensers wear out, and O-rings, hoses, and seals crack. When these problems occur, you no longer receive cool air inside your vehicle. Instead, you may experience hot air, low air pressure, or no air at all. You may also notice moisture around the compressor or a strange odor wafting into the passenger cabin of your vehicle.

Since most vehicles house their A/C components underneath the dashboard, diagnosing a problem without the aid of a mechanic is difficult. Likewise, a visual inspection is rarely successful, since refrigerant evaporates and makes leak detection difficult. In order to diagnosis problems with your air conditioning system, Prestige Imports offers Porsche and Audi Air Conditioning Services with factory trained and certified technicians. To begin with, a technician will introduce a UV dye into the system. Under UV light, they can see if there are any leaks present.

Sometimes, an A/C unit emits an odd smell into the passenger cabin of the vehicle. A buildup of bacteria in the evaporator, most likely, is the source of this odor. A special product, BG frigifresh, helps rid your vehicle of the unwanted smell by killing any bacteria living in your air system.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your A/C system, contact an Advisor at Prestige Imports to schedule an appointment for a Porsche or Audi Air Conditioning Service package. Whether your issue stems from a problem with your compressor, condenser, blower motor, relays, or cooling fans, our factory trained and certified technicians can diagnose and repair your air conditioning system.


Porsche and Audi Air Conditioning Recharge Service in Denver, CO

We’ve designed our A/C Recharge Service Package to bring your air conditioning system back to peak performance. Our service ensures proper A/C system levels through environmentally safe recovery, recharging it to proper manufacturer specifications. Our service includes:

  • Air conditioning performance evaluation by an Audi or Porsche factory trained technician
  • Environmentally safe evacuation and recovery of old refrigerant and recharge to manufacturers specifications
  • Cleaning of condenser fins of debris and dirt
  • Temperature analysis to determine cooling performance
  • Evaluate proper operation of controls to ensure blower motor and engine cooling fan are working as designed

Air Conditioning system recharge as low as $200.00