PURTEQ: 90 Day Surface Protection from Viruses

As Colorado gets back to work, the Prestige Auto Spa is here to protect you and your family. We have partnered with PURTEQ to provide your vehicle with 90-day surface protection from viruses and bacteria of all kinds.

PURTEQ was established over ten years ago to find the most effective way to destroy the micro-organisms that want to harm us.

How can the Prestige Auto Spa help protect you?

Decontamination – We decontaminate your vehicle using state of the art technologies and target dangerous micro-organisms wherever they reside. PURTEQ’s water, soil, and stain repellent barrier coatings are resistant to removal by any soap, solvent, detergent, or pesticide that will not otherwise etch or damage an untreated version of the same surface.

Long-Term Surface Protection – PURTEQ anti-microbial treatments, when applied during disinfection, provide 90 days of ongoing protection against the invisible enemy. This process achieves a greater than 99% bio-burden reduction of viruses, spores, bacteria, and fungi hiding in difficult to reach areas.

Fast – These treatments are applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime for your vehicle.

Safe – The PURTEQ products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals, which helps keep everyone safe. They make it virtually impossible for germs to take hold. In fact, many forms of bacteria and viruses that land on any surface of your vehicle interior will be destroyed immediately on impact. The process uses advanced nanotechnology that is deadly to microbes, but harmless for humans. It all sounds like science fiction, but it’s all science and no fiction.

Is PURTEQ a Safe Choice?

  • PURTEQ has been using the same minerals and formulas for over 10 years.
  • It has been installed over 200,000 times without a single complaint from a customer.
  • In all this time, PURTEQ has never damaged fabric.
  • PURTEQ is the only time tested, proven, powerful agent of its kind on the market.

The Prestige Auto Spa and PURTEQ

Is the Prestige Auto Spa the best place to have PURTEQ products applied to your vehicle interior?

The application of PURTEQ products is an exacting process that requires specialized training and certification. As such, PURTEQ will only sell their products to certified facilities. To the best of our knowledge, the Prestige Auto Spa is the only automotive detail service in the Denver metro area that is certified for the PURTEQ process.

This being the case, we are happy to perform PURTEQ decontamination and long-term surface protection services on all makes and models of vehicles, not just Audi and Porsche.


Major Ingredients in PURTEQ

The active ingredients in PURTEQ are Chlorine Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide — as an antimicrobial was discovered in 1814:

  • Chlorine Dioxide has been tested repeatedly and its antimicrobial properties are accepted as fact in the scientific community.
  • Chlorine Dioxide is a registered component that, when used over 5%, is proven to inactivate germs, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other pathogens.

Titanium Dioxide — as a photocatalyst was discovered in 1972:

  • Thousands of studies have been done on the effectiveness of this mineral
  • Nano-Titanium Dioxide, as a self-cleaning, self-disinfecting material as it’s use in PURTEQ is not in question in the scientific community.


PURTEQ has developed a safe and effective formula that purifies surfaces and continues to fight the spread of harmful contaminants even after the initial treatment, for up to 90 days.

These results are achieved through the photocatalytic properties of the self-cleaning surface barrier. Once treated the anti—microbial barrier coating and photocatalytic minerals continue to eliminate the harmful particles as they are deposited on treated surfaces.

Some viruses, such as COVID-19 can live on hard surfaces up to seven days. Simply touching an infected surface and then touching your, mouth, nose or eyes can complete the transmission. PURTEQ takes the fight to the surface for up to 90 days. While PURTEQ cannot eliminate the possibility of person-to-person transfer and is not a replacement for good hygiene and social distancing, it can give you and your family an added layer of protection and Confidence.

  • The Coronavirus Virus is an “enveloped” virus, like H1N1 (known as the flu).
  • Good news because “enveloped” viruses are easily eradicated by PURTEQ.
  • An Open Antimicrobial Agents Journal study found a 99.9% effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide as an antiviral agent.
  • A Broad Spectrum Microbicidal Activity of Photocatalysis study by a wide variety of renowned scientists cites the effectiveness of Titanium Dioxide against “enveloped” and “non-enveloped” viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.
  • PURTEQ, because it contains Titanium Dioxide, stands alone in the industry as the only product that can say it works over a prolonged period of time.
  • Check out independent lab results HERE and HERE

PURTEQ Pricing

The PURTEQ decontamination and long-term surface protection service can be bundled with any of our other interior detail services, or it can be purchased as a stand-alone offering.

The PURTEQ 90 day treatment (including steam clean and sanitization service) is only $90, or the equivalent of $1 dollar a day.

Please contact a Prestige Imports Service Advisor for more information on the PURTEQ decontamination and long-term surface protection service or to schedule an appointment – (833) 825-5424