Sustainability Practices

Paint spray guns hang from a rack at the Prestige Imports Collision Center, a Denver body shop. Photo used to illustrate an article on Sustainability Practices.

Prestige Imports offers over 30 years of experience in collision repair to the Denver Metro area. We are dedicated to the highest quality repairs and standards of customer service, including sustainability. The collision repair center is located one mile east of the main dealership building and employs 17 specialized technicians and estimators. We are aware that sustainability trends and goals present a range of issues and risks, as well as the opportunity to bring increased value, services and improved systems for our customers, employees, and other industry professionals. Prestige Imports strives to lead the collision industry by educating other industry professionals on the accessibility of similar sustainability practices.

Prestige Imports Collision Repair Center is committed to environmental stewardship – to reduce our environmental footprint. We believe a climate of sustainability and environmental responsibility is a best business practice which serves to maintain and enhance the natural environment. Our primary sustainable goal is to minimize impact to the environment resulting from our service operations. We are proactive in making our facility and all of its by-products green and safe.

At Prestige Imports, we recognize that service activities and operations at the core of our business pose potential impacts on resource use, ecosystems, community well-being, and other measures of sustainability. Because of this, we work hard to ensure continuous progress toward our goal of reduced impact. Our environmental performance is managed, monitored and improved through the following programs:

Mixing Paint at the Prestige Imports Collision Center, a Denver body shop. Photos used to illustrate an article on Sustainability PracticesPaint Practices and Air Emissions (VOCs):

Basecoat paints are water based resulting in an 80% overall reduction in solvents ; all paint is sprayed in an airtight booth environment with a 3 filter exit air system

Water Use and Management:

Detail bay water runoff exits through sand trap containment system and is removed to recycling facility; detail chemicals are 100% biodegradable

Recycling and Waste (non-hazardous) Reduction:

All metal and plastics are contained and picked-up daily by recycling facilities

Energy Use and Management:

All overhead lighting use high efficiency bulbs; Installation of skylights to provide more natural light; updated paint booths using forced air to decrease paint bake time from 45 minutes to 18 – decrease electrical and natural gas usage; all paper waste is shredded and recycled; no longer offer customers bottled water, but instead offer reusable water bottles and drinking fountains; encourage carpooling and bicycling to work

Waste (hazardous):

Used oil is contained and re-used in oil-burning furnace to heat facility; automotive fluids are contained and removed to recycling facility


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