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Was your vehicle caught in a hailstorm?

If so, all repairs must be handled by insurance company protocol. This means that there are some specific steps that you will need to follow …

  1. Contact your insurance company. Our Collision Center cannot begin repairs on your vehicle until it has been evaluated by your insurance company.
  2. If your vehicle has severe damage and is not driveable, get it over to the Prestige Imports Collision Center and we will get it sealed up to avoid further interior damage. Then we will hold it until you are able to get an estimate from your insurance company.
  3. If the damage is only cosmetic, your insurance company will likely be setting up a Catastrophe Response Team (CAT Team) in the local area to write estimates on the thousands of affected vehicles. You will be able to go to their specified location and get the vehicle estimate that our collision center will need to begin your repairs. If your insurer doesn’t set up a CAT team, you will need to schedule an appointment with your insurance company to have an adjuster evaluate the damage.
  4. Once you have the estimate from your insurance company in hand, we will be able to schedule an appointment to begin repairs.
  5. Please keep in mind that the recent hailstorm cut through a wide swath of the Denver Metro area, so a huge number of vehicles were affected; please be patient as insurance companies, rental car companies, parts suppliers, and collision centers work through the backlog.
Additional notes: with all the damage caused by this recent storm, the Colorado market is likely to run extremely short on rental vehicles. So if your car is driveable, it would be best to drive it until we are able to get it in for repairs. Additionally, most people only have 30 days of rental coverage, so there are many people who will not have enough rental coverage to get through the entire process. In other words, the longer you can wait to get into a rental car, the happier you will be.


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